27 April 2017

The Grotto, Portland

One of my very favorite places in Portland--and Catholic places anywhere. The Grotto is a sanctuary in a marginal neighborhood in north PDX. They have a cliffside meditation chapel that overlooks the Columbia River Valley, the Cascades, and Mt. St. Helen. It's where I shot this photo 7 years ago, which I just finished tonight.

26 April 2017


I took this photo of my friend Marti in her dorm room back in college, way too many years ago. We lived together senior year, in a suite we called the Mod Quad. I entered it in my first photo show and it won an award. Marti and I are still friends, and she looks almost exactly the same today. God, I hope she still has that jacket.

25 April 2017

Barrio Barelas, Albuquerque, NM

Something I said a lot when I was in Albuquerque: "You can't prove to me this isn't Mexico."

To the left is an anti-meth poster from the Breaking Bad cast.

23 April 2017

Stockyard Cafe

I stumbled onto these grain silos on a backroad between Bozeman and Livingston on my first trip to Big Sky country in 2015.

22 April 2017


Spring, and its weathers, come to the Deschutes River.

21 April 2017

Chapel Door, St. Gertrude's

I stayed at the Benedictine Monastery of St. Gertrude, in Cottonwood, Idaho, for a 2-week retreat. The monastery's remote setting, 200 miles from a major highway in any direction, provides a beautiful place to connect with self and spirit. This chapel was built from blue porphyry stone quarried from the hill behind it in the 1920s.

14 April 2017

Deschutes, April Afternoon

These days, my health issues make walking any distance not my strong suit. So I've made a deal with myself that I'll be really present with 20 good minutes in nature, and try to find something beautiful. Yesterday it was the clouds and the water.